What Are They?

Our standees or flat miniatures are made from 2.5mm thick wood MDF. While these are still flat in nature it does give them space to stand out on the table in a way that paper based standees cannot! These flats also come in full colour in the same way all our products do, using professional quality artwork, allowing you to just use them as soon as they arrive. The ease of putting them together is as simple as popping them out and placing them into bases that come with each set.

How To Use Them?

The main way that we recommend using our flats is as A enhancement to improve your fantasy RPG experience in representing the villains and allies in your adventures. Each flat set is made in mind to be used and moved on from to allow our range to evolve with your story without the need to force your collection to fit. These “Disposable villains” are created to be easily gathered and made to fit with what you want to plan rather then being forced to fit a narrative around your collection.

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