Mage Tiles

It’s a kind of magic

The quest to find the best solution for creating Dungeon Tiles and Terrain for gaming has led our intrepid band of adventurers to the Mage Tile system. Driven by a desire to have a versatile, simple to use and cost effective solution we have experimented for many years and can now reveal to you what is literally a game changing experience.

Mage Tiles
Full colour and on the table in an instant

Within seconds you can lay out the next scene for your table top adventure. From the base tiles to the walls and the accessories on top, all can be placed firmly without the need for clips or working out how to make it all fit together – it just works, like magic! In fact it is so adaptable that you can set it up so that you are playing vertically or even upside down.

The tiles are attracted to any magnetic surface and you can lay them out onto any surface. If you put them onto a magnetic sheet like the one on the photo they will stick firmly. this allows you to add rooms or corridors on the fly and place them with confidence that they wont slide out of shape.

Walls work in a similar way. By adding magnets to the base you can choose exactly how you want your layout to appear just by putting them on the tile or onto the magnetic sheet. No fiddle, no fuss with more than enough grip for your gaming needs.

This method solves a lot of problems that can encountered with other systems most notably speed to the table and the ability to create unusual shaped rooms.

It also comes at a remarkably affordable price compared with coloured systems… Check it out at the store